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Sunday, September 29, 2013

MAC Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder*

Hello everyone! So today I'm doing a review on MAC Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder and I can tell you that this product is absolutely perfect. A nice way to apply this , is with a brush and i personally apply it when i have finished with the rest of my make up. I put extra amount on my T-zone where I get oily most. So this is my last step.
It looks white but it goes on transparent when you apply it as you can see in my last picture, so don't be afraid by the color of it because it really is invisible.It's really smooth and easy to apply and looks so natural that you barely notice that you're wearing a powder.
This powder keeps my make up in place for over 8 hours and helps my skin not being oily and makes a great matte finish to my makeup. For those who have oily eyelids and you notice that your eyeshadows creasing even with primer I suggest to put some of this to your eyelids before your primer. 
So if you are searching a powder to set your make up or to avoid the shine , I totally recommend this to you. 
I hope this review was helpful and I hope you liked it.
Have you ever tried it yourself?
What's your opinion? I woUld love to tell me.
So that's it for today.

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  1. Love mac products !

  2. Thanks for the review. I'll have to try this one!

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  4. This sounds great!

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  7. Great Review! You make me wanna buy it now LOL
    Is this good with flash photography?

  8. I have to try this :) great post

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  10. Hey great review you have there (: M.A.C product are always good and I love them (: x

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