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Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to choose the right foundation for you*

Hello everyone! Finding the right foundation and shade for our skin is not easy at all.
 You have to search and search without knowing what exactly are you looking for and what shade fits you and most importantly what skin type are you. 
Here is a post on how we can pick up the right foundation for our skin!

  • For choosing a foundation you should first know your skin type.

Dry skin : If you have a dry skin type then you should look for liquid , stick or hydrating powder foundation. Liquids and sticks have a creamy - moisturizing consistency. Hydrating powders have ingredients that give moisture to the skin and also have more coverage than regular pressed powders.
In the packaging look for ''foundation'' or ''compact make up''.

Oily skin : If your skin is oily, you should pick up an oil-free liquid or powder foundation. Those two contain powder that absorb oil and make your skin matte and smooth. Mineral make up also works well on oily skin. If you tend to break out use a foundation that contains salicylic acid witch dries up the oil-producing glands that cause pimples.

Combination skin : If you have a combination skin try using a powder foundation.

Problem-free skin : If you have a skin without blemishes , spots etc you need a foundation with light coverage so a tinted moisturizer is perfect for you.

  • Now it's time to pick up the right shade. You should determine the undertone of your skin. Are you yellow, pink , brown , peach ? The best way to choose the right shade for you is to go to a drugstore and try different shades of the foundation that you want. You can also ask from a beauty technician for help. Try the foundation to your face and neck. These are the two parts that we need our foundation to match.  And of course never buy a foundation online, unless you are re-ordering.

  • Last but not least you should know what coverage do you want. Do you need light, medium or high coverage?There are plenty of foundation out there that you should know what exactly are you looking for.Once you decided what you need , go for searching.

I hope this post was helpful for you.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog.



  1. Really helpful post! xx

  2. This so helpful! Especially the part about undertones- so important.
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  3. Very useful post. I got matched in MAC the other day & these are the questions she asked me. Was great to find out more about my skin and what kind of foundation I should be using.

    Kisses Xx, Selorm.

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