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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Favorites*

Hello everyone! I'm back from my summer vacation to Kefalonia and it's time to show you my July favorites! The followings are the products that I used the most!!

-The first one from the left is the red long lasting lipstick from radiant! The color is red 07! The color is amazing and it really lasts a lot!! 

-Next I have the Piz Buin tanning oil! It smells really great and it definitely works!!!

-The next one is the master duo glossy liquid liner from Maybelline. I love the fact that you can choose between thin and thick line with only one product. I believe it's so helpfull! And the fact that it's so black is one more thing that I really like!! 

-The next one is my favorite fragrance!!! I have had a review about this one. Take a look here!

-Next is my favorite nail polish at the moment! The color is so bright and beautiful and perfect for summer!!! It's from G cosmetics in number 461. Do you like it ?

-Next I have the L'oreal Elvive extraordinary oil . I really like this one because i noticed a difference in my hair since I have used it and also it smells awesome!!! You should try it. 

-And finally my all time favorite eye pencil in this gorgeous color. Isn't that awesome for summer??? 

So that's all my favorites for the past month!!! What products did you use the most???

oh , one more thing. First of all I will upload pictures of my summer vacation the next few days , and finally I decided to go to Santorini for a few days so I'm so excited. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'll be back in 4-5 days!!! 
Hope you are enjoying summer too!!!

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  1. Gorgeous picks ! Love the colours and packages !

  2. I love Dior Pure Poison, it smells so gorgeous! Great picks :) x

  3. I love the Elvive hair oil, as well! Smells just amazing :) Nice picks!
    xx Julia

  4. Dior Pure Poison is one of my favourite perfumes, I love it in the evening. I also love that hair oil :)

    Annie |

  5. i love the nail polish! such an amazing colour xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  6. I've been so pleased with l'oreal hair products lately! And that perfume has been on my wishlist for years-- smells so amazing!

    sundays grace beauty

  7. the nail polish looks so pretty, perfect for summer!


  8. I've never tried any cosmetics from radiant but I keep hearing good things!
    Futures; a Beauty & lifestyle blog

  9. I never heard of radiant either but the lipstick is such a pretty color! :)


  10. That lipstick looks gorgeous, need to get my hands on it :) x

  11. I just love your nailpolish color. So cute and feminine :)
    Enjoy your vacation in Santorini!

  12. nice review

  13. that nail colour looks gorge!
    just followed you on bloglovin' so hopefully you can follow back if you like my blog?
    x x x x

  14. What a beautiful nail polish! And I love all things L'Oreal does.

    I have nominated your blog to receive the seal Liebster Award.
    Here it is:
    Hope you enjoy it.

  15. oh my gosh love that nail polish!!

  16. Really loving your favorites! The lipstick color is just amazing and the nail polish is such a sweet color!


  17. You asked if we could follow each other on bloglovin and would love to do that! Going to follow you right away! :))
    Tha nailpolish is sooooo pretty and perfect! :))

  18. Thanks for visit my blog.I´m following you via bloglovin and g+

  19. Love the lipstick colour!

    Wanna follow each other?

  20. I love that lipstick and that nail polish color is so pretty! I hope you can stop by my blog :)

  21. I love the nail polish, such a gorgeous colour. I really want to try the L'oreal extraordinary oil so badly! Great post :)
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, of course we can follow eachother!
    I'm now following you.

  22. Thank you for your comment on my blog! You too have a lovely blog :) I am now following you on Bloglovin'!

    Sophie -

  23. I absolutely love L'oreal Elvive extraordinary oil, doesn't it just smell amazing?!

    Thanks for checking out my blog by the way, I'll start following your blog too ♥

    - Ayaka xx

  24. What a gorgeous lip color!

  25. I follow you now on bloglovin so you can follow me back :)


  26. I'd love to try that Maybelline eye liner, I love the fact that you can have it thick or thin! That polish is so pretty, I'm a sucker for pink polishes! :)